If you got here through the first Caleb’s Eye website, then you know what to expect. If you got here in a somewhat random way, then let me explain. On the original Caleb’s Eye, I posted the book I wrote on Genesis. Here I have continued that book with a similarly done book on Moses. This covers all of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy in the same style, building on the same outline, following the ideas and issues raised in Genesis into this new context. The book on Moses is now as complete as I am capable of making it. If I have the opportunity to self-publish it, I will do so, but I have decided to wait and see if there is enough interest in a paper copy. If the book on Genesis sells enough to finance the book on Moses, I will consider it. Meanwhile, it is here for anyone to read.

The next stage of my writing will occur in two places. First I will be writing a verse by verse commentary on the letter to the Galatians. The first draft will be posted here on Caleb’s Eye II, but I will put the finished form on Caleb’s Eye IV. Second, I will continue working through the Bible on Caleb’s Eye III. There I will work on a book that covers Joshua, Judges, Ruth and the first half of I Samuel. It will continue the same outline and format as I have used from Genesis to Deuteronomy. I am interested in any comments or suggestions for how I can best proceed, of course.

If you want to read any of this you will naturally want to see some credentials, and know something of my biographical information. That information is all on the original Caleb’s Eye website and you can take the link under my blog roll if you are interested.

When we get to Moses, the Biblical material becomes much more disorganized. No doubt, there is a higher organization, but for my purposes in these comments I am aiming at two organizational principles: chronological order of narrative, and thematic order of other material. Therefore, you will find the passages of Scripture rearranged as necessary to give an orderly account of events, and you will find the legal portions rearranged topically. I hope that the result is worth the inconvenience of skipping around in the pages of your Bibles, and that by doing this you will gain a clearer picture of the flow of events. Beyond the question of style and organization, I am also particularly concerned to show the unity between these books of Moses and the book of Genesis, and beyond them of the Bible as a whole. They are telling a single story and I hope my comments can help bring it into full view.

Much of the account of Moses’ life concerns the wandering in the wilderness, so I thought I would use, as the header, a picture of what is perhaps the perfect wilderness. There are kudos and an e-pat on the head for anyone who can identify the scene. The picture is actually of a sunset, but I prefer to think of it as sunrise. I think the wilderness is the perfect setting and the perfect metaphor for the giving of the Law, but I don’t mean to say it was bringing darkness. The Law, for all the ambivalence it arouses in people like me, and for all the admiration it arouses in many others, was a bringer of light.


2 Comments on “home”

  1. I made it this far, now where is Galatians!!! I am gonna guess and say Mount Saint Helens?

  2. You mean the picture? That is a very good guess, in fact. It was the cloud that got my attention. It seemed appropriate for a blog about Moses.

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